What is a ThinkIn?

The core of the Ideas Programme at KITE is the ThinkIn. But what does that even mean? Sometimes, the simplest way to explain what something is is to say what it isn’t. In that way, a ThinkIn is not a panel discussion. Thank goodness for that. 

Our partners at Tortoise are all about listening. It’s what makes them different from a lot of news media. They’re systematic about it. Borderline obsessive, you might say. Because the ThinkIn – an innovative type of live event – is the engine of every story they write. Since Tortoise launched, they’ve done over 300 of them. 

A ThinkIn is a live and completely unscripted conversation between Tortoise journalists, invited speakers and members of the public where everyone has a say. In a ThinkIn, it’s not just the people on the chairs at the front who get to speak up and hold forth. 

ThinkIns have been described as, ‘a forum for civilised disagreement’. They’re certainly a platform for fresh ideas. By having frank and open conversations that draw on all perspectives, Tortoise challenge fake news, political bias and break out of our own echo chambers. The experience and expertise of everybody in the room comes together to shape the way we see the world. 

You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. But it’s more fun if you do. Come along, have a listen, and tell us what you think.