Vote for KITE in the UK Festival Awards

Just a few years ago, we began to think about what would become KITE Festival. Over the past 20 years, we have become more curious, opinionated, passionate, informed and activist and we wanted to create a space where culture, debate and the arts could come together in one place. There is nothing like a festival to do this and so KITE: A festival of Ideas and Music was born, bringing together the best of an ideas & literary event with the classic British festival experience.

We could not have hoped for a more receptive, kind and engaged audience. Over the first two editions of KITE, you have been there before the gates opened to pack out our early morning sessions and stayed dancing until the early hours at the Heavenly Stage. Our festival is a tapestry of the music played and the ideas our speakers have brought to Kirtlington over the last two years and you, our guests, bring life and colour to that tapestry as you walk through the gates, engage with each other and find your path through KITE. We thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.

After two years of discussion and dancing in Kirtlington Park, we are delighted to have been recognized as one of the leading festivals in the UK. So please vote for KITE as best “Small” and best “Non-Music” festival at this years UK Festival Awards as we continue our journey into 2024 and beyond!