Six ‘Futures’ in the Ideas Programme

Now is not the time to shy away from the big and difficult questions. Trouble is, big and difficult questions don’t have small and simple answers. Blind optimism gets us nowhere but there’s no point being fatalistic either

The Ideas Programme is organised into six themes. Each theme will crop up in different events over the weekend – you can speak up and join in, or just listen and absorb. Go deep into the one that really floats your boat, or do a bit of everything. 

In The Future of Power, we’re aiming to close the gap between the powerful and the powerless – looking principally at the rules of politics, class and global economics.

In The Future of Our Planet, we’re taking a pro-active, positive and practical approach to the climate emergency. We all know inaction is not an option, so what should we all be doing (and not doing)? 

In The Future of Culture, we consider the evolution of the arts as a social movement in a digital age. Film, music, TV, gaming, books, dance… it’s not who you are, but what you’re into that counts. It’s a celebration and a call to arms. 

The Future of Identity is about civil rights. As human beings, we all feel the need to belong – but modern identity politics sometimes feels like all-out tribal warfare. Expect confrontation and compromise in some of the most challenging but important conversations of our time. 

The Future of Living is about life, death and other stories. From dementia to pseudoscience, illegal drugs to the gut microbiome. How are you feeling? What do you believe? We are all, after all, flesh and blood. 

The Future of Technology explores the morals and miracles of the new world order that has crept up on us all, redefining what’s possible and, inadvertently, forcing us to rethink what’s acceptable. Not quite at ‘humanity versus the robots’, but nearly. 


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